SMS2Tweet, Many SMS Sender for Many Followers

I have developed some fun application, which can tweet status from sms input. You (or everybody)  just send SMS to SMS server, and then this application forward it to twitter server from one twitter account.

Idea of this application is made from our need to give information around merapi eruption, from many XL engineers who is spread on many spot around Merapi. If every enginer update their status from each twitter account so what about the follower? They must follow each twitter account. So, with SMS2Tweet application you (and other followers) only follow one twitter account to update information around Merapi. Just simple like it.

Topology of this application is many to many message, it’s mean message from many engineer (over SMS) to many followers. You can see the picture below to ilustrate.

sms2tweet design

Engineer A, B, C and others, send SMS info to SMS server integrated on SMS2Tweet application. All SMS will be polling in this server, and then will be tweeted via twitter account (@xlinfomerapi) as FIFO (First In First Out) data. So followers of this account will receive all of messages from all of engineers.

I develop this application using Delphi 7. This is simple application. You just need TWebbrowser to handling twitter API, and Serial Port component to handling SMS via AT command. For SMS server, I use modem Sierra 885 for receive SMS from engineers. Here is snapshot of SMS2Tweet

SMS2Tweet by Saptaji

For next time, i will write tutorial to develop SMS2Tweet in Delphi. May this application give benefit for you. So, please no doubt to be our followers at @xlinfomerapi (not updated anymore, i’m sorry)

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